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   We currently offer the following products, for residential, commercial, and industrial swing gates. Please select a product below to view more information and specifications on that particular model.


Please note that specification documents are of type .pdf
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FAAC Model 400 - Specifications

FAAC 400 series specifications
A convenient manual release is
standard on all Model 400 operators.
Model 400 Heavy Duty Hydraulic Operator

The Model 400 is possibly the best hydraulic swing gate operator in the world.

Designed for high traffic situations such as certain apartment, subdivision, commercial/industrial and residential applications
Its strength makes it ideal for large, ornate gates
Perfect for situations needing up to 125 degrees of swing
Models available with  hydraulic locking in the opened and/or closed positions
Operator can be mounted inside the gate
and still allow gate to open to the inside or the outside


FAAC Model 412 - Specifications

Click for FAAC 412 specifications
Screw-drive operator

Model 412 Electromechanical Operator

The Model 412 is ideal for single family home installations that require a versatile gate operator on a tight budget.
Designed specifically for light, single family residential use
UL 325 Compliant
Offers mechanical locking in the opened and closed positions
Can be mounted inside the gate and still allow the gate to open to the inside or to the outside
Control panel allows for 6 operating modes
Can be finished to blend with the gate
Can be purchased in a complete system kit


FAAC Model 750 & 760 -  
750 Specifications.
760 Specifications

In-ground hydraulic operator

Model 750 & 760 In-Ground Hydraulic Operators
designed specifically for in-ground installations in residential and light commercial applications
power and absolute invisibility make operators perfect for large, ornamental gates
equipped with a hydraulic bypass for extra anti-crush protection
the main difference between the 750 and the 760 is that the 760 has both the pump and drive units located underground


DoorKing 6100 series - specifications

Click for DoorKing 6100 series specifications
Electronic, automatically adjusted limit settings (no mechanical limit switches required).
Mechanical and electronic inherent entrapment sensing system operable in both the open and close direction.
Automatic close timer is adjustable from 1 to 23 seconds.
Two ports for plug-in loop detectors.
Built-in reset switch.
Gate overlap feature starts the master operator 1-2 seconds prior to the slave operator.
Magnetic lock output provided for direct connection of mag locks to the circuit board.
Tamper protect feature causes motor to run in the close direction if an attempt is made to force the gate open.
Gate Trackerô reporting output sends gate operator data to a companion DoorKing access control system.
Optional Battery Back-Up drive system opens gate automatically, or on command, during power outages



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