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DoorKing model 9150 - specifications

Click for DoorKing model 9150 specifications!
Electronic, automatically adjusted limit settings (no mechanical limit switches required).
Mechanical and electronic inherent entrapment sensing system operable in both the open and close direction.
Automatic close timer is adjustable from 1 to 23 seconds.
Two ports for plug-in loop detectors.
Two 110 volt convenience outlets.
Built-in reset switch.
Partial open feature opens gate to 14 ft (4.3 m)
Special Anti-Tailgate loop function helps prevent vehicles from gaining entry by tailgating.
Gate Trackerô reporting feature sends gate operator data to a companion DoorKing access control system.
Optional Battery Back-Up drive system opens gate automatically, or on command, during power outages

PowerMaster SG series

Architectural Specifications:

Supply Model SG Slide Gate Operator, as recommended for cantilever, rolling, or overhead sliding gates. Operator to have oilbath type, worm gear reducer. Final reduction and drive chain to be #50 or larger roller chain. Output shafts minimum 1" diameter, supported by sealed rolller bearings. Provide adjustable torque limiting clutch and solenoid operated brake. Mechanical disconnect by means of lockable handle to allow manual operation. Adjustable limit switches of the positive chain driven type. A spring set, solenoid released, double shoe brake shall be provided to prevent gate from coasting.

Motor to be high starting torque, industrial type, removable without affecting limit switch settings, and shall incorporate thermal overload protection. The motor controller shall be a full voltage, across-the-line, mechanically interlocked reversing contactor.

The Control circuit shall be 24 VAC and shall include a maximum run timer to limit run time to 90 seconds or less, a 1.5 second delay on reverse to reduce shock loads on gate and provisions for all types of obstruction sensing devices. A clearly marked, thermal strip shall be provided for all field connections. The control shall have provisions for connecting; 3 button stations, single button stations, radio controls, loop detectors and automatic closing timer without additional changes.

The operator must be field convertible from right hand to left hand and for use as a single, master or slave without additional parts or modifications. An on/off switch will be provided to disconnect power at electrical enclosure. The operator stand shall be heavy gauge steel, primed and painted to resist corrosion with provisions for mounting to concrete pad.

The weather proof cover shall have a lockable hinged cover for access to control equipment.

Electrical Specifications:

High Starting Torque Motor
Full Overload Protection
24 Vac Control Circuit
Heavy Duty, Full Voltage Reversing Contactor
3 Button NEMA 1 Control Station Included
On/Off Power Switch
Left/Right Direction Plug
Pre-wired to Accept Radio Control, 3 Button Station, 1 Button Station, Loop Detectors, Automatic Reversing Equipment and all Types of Access Controls
Easily Field Converted to Master/Slave (Two Operators Required)
Delay on Reverse Wiring is Standard
Maximum Run Timer

Mechanical Specifications:

For Use on Commercial or Industrial Slide Gates up to 50' Wide or 2000 lbs. Max.
45:1 Gear Reducer (Oil Bath Type)
Positive Chain Driven Rotary Limit Switch
Gate Driven by #50 Heavy Duty Roller Chain, Included
1" Drive Shaft Supported by Roller Bearing Pillow Blocks
Adjustable Torque Limiting Clutch
Electric Solenoid Operated, Double Shoe Brake
Manual Disconnect Provided
Steel All Weather Hinged Enclosure w/Lock

FAAC Model 860

Model 860

FAAC's most powerful slide operator for high traffic situations, such as apartments, subdivisions and commercial/industrial use.
Designed for high pulling force requirements
in high traffic applications
3/4 horsepower motor, 220 volt operation
Continuous duty operation
"Soft stop" on opening and closing
Easy connection with safety and access control systems
Choice of chain or rack & pinion
Choose from 8 operating modes
Available with or without installation kit


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